Skulls Clothing For Parties & Fun

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Are you going to a Halloween party and don’t have a thing to wear?  Or maybe you have a hot date that night and don’t want to wear a costume.  

You won’t believe the chic-chic tops, pants, dresses and accessories I found that are not only perfect for Halloween holiday fun, but fun to wear any time!  

Skulls on anything  is super hot these days, so you’ll be the star attraction wherever, and whenever you wear these clothes! I even found some really unique skull handbags, too.

Pretty skulls dresses are just the thing for a fun night out with your favorite zombie. Some of these skull dresses are in the vintage style, like the one shown here.

Vintage style is rocking right now, so combining great skull prints on cute vintage dresses is just…cool. The fitted tops, the full skirts and the great prints combine to create clothing that’s really fun to wear.

Sugar skulls are a really popular print, along with skull rose tattoos and skull and cross bones.   You don’t have to wait for Halloween to wear any of this fun clothing, either.  You can wear skull print clothing any time you like!  It would seem that this particular skull clothing has morphed into anytime apparel.  Skull clothing can be pretty feminine if you want it to be, too.


Oh, and there’s more than just dresses to choose from in clothing with skulls prints. How about some skull pants and tops?  Or how about some amazing skull print scarves?  There are some amazing choices out there!  


Be sure to check out the bargains on skulls clothing at eBay as well.  Never know what treasure you’ll find there!  Back soon with more goodies ~ toodles!

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