Peacock Trinket Boxes, Jewelry Boxes And Jewelry

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Colorful peacocks are such majestic, beautiful birds, aren’t they?  There’s no mistaking that eye catching tail of brilliantly colored feathers and that regal bearing as they strut about.  Peacocks have been admired for hundreds of years for their calm nature and their serene beauty.  In fact, peacocks (males) and pea hens (females) make interesting ‘security guards’ as they are quite territorial by nature and have a loud, shrill, raucous call if frightened or threatened.

The graceful beauty of peacock feathers have inspired art, jewelry and more.   Images of peacock feathers can be found decorating mugs, dishes, t-shirts and other apparel, and recreated on jewelry.   Real  (or not) peacock feathers also adorn hats of all sorts.  On this page, I’ve gathered for you some of the most beautiful peacock trinket boxes, peacock jewelry boxes and peacock jewelry I’ve seen.  Best of all, I found these reasonably priced items all over Amazon and organized a select few for you here.

I’m sure you’ll love the peacock jewelry boxes found here. Peacock jewelry boxes, trinket boxes and peacock jewelry ~ they’re lovely to have and sweet to give.   Peacock jewelry boxes and peacock trinket boxes make awesome gifts, too!

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Peacock Trinket Boxes

Collectors of trinket boxes will be thrilled to receive one of these lovely peacock trinket boxes as a gift.  Collecting trinket boxes and jewelry boxes is popular; I have several trinket boxes myself.   Note the stunning color of these little peacocks.  Wouldn’t they look lovely on a dresser, nightstand or shelf?

 Bejeweled Trinket Box Green Peacock Swarovski Peacock Figurine Box Blue Green Peacock Peacock Crystal Studded Peacock Trinket Box Plumage Peacock Objet D’Art Release Peacock Trinket Box Enameled Pewter

Wooden Peacock Jewelry Boxes

Wooden jewelry boxes are lovely gifts to begin with, but when you combine the gift of a jewelry box with the recipient’s love of peacocks, you have a real winner.  Just look at these lovely wooden peacock jewelry boxes.   Need a graduation gift, a bridesmaid gift, birthday or other gift?  I bet they’d love one of these jewelry boxes!  And don’t forget ~ a girl can never have too many jewelry boxes!

 A Wooden Jewelry Peacock with Lighting Silverj Mother of Mother of Pearl Silver J Wooden Gift Idea- Peacock

Stunning Peacock Jewelry

The prettiest peacock gifts of all are any (or all, LOL) of these pieces of peacock jewelry.  The colors are so rich and beautiful aren’t they?  Imagine wearing one of these beautiful pieces for special occasions!

 1928 Jewelry Victorian Blue Crystal Peacock Napier Josephine Wall Spirit Zad Peacock Jewelry Shameless Jewelry Josephine Wall Spirit Josephine Wall Spirit XPY Sterling Silver

Hope you had as much fun checking things out as I did rounding it up for you! Come back real soon.

Peacock Trinket Boxes On eBay

Don’t forget to check eBay for bargains on peacock trinket boxes.  On eBay you can find vintage as well as contemporary trinket boxes and it’s so much fun to shop eBay, isn’t it?  Got peacocks?

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