Jessica Simpson Handbags

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Jessica Simpson handbags are gorgeous, edgy and unique; affordable fashion pieces for everyone.  To be honest, I had never really looked at Jessica Simpson handbags until I was shopping for new purses over on Amazon.  A bigger confession?  I didn’t even know Jessica Simpson HAD a line of purses, tote bags, hobo bags, satchels and such.  I was completely captivated by the selection of Jessica Simpson handbags I found.

Purses and tote bags are frankly my favorite accessories to shop for.  For some women, it’s shoes.  For me it’s purses.  I just can’t resist a new purse.  As I looked through all the Jessica Simpson handbags, I realized I was totally falling in love with several of them!  Oh dear!  My husband may not understand why I ordered more purses!

 Jessica Simpson Dream Weaver Bucket Shoulder Bag Jessica Simpson Marley Shoulder Bag Jessica Simpson Carli Convertible Hobo Shoulder Bag Jessica Simpson Encino Hobo Shoulder Bag Jessica Simpson Road Trip Shoulder Bag Jessica Simpson Pretty Whisper Shoulder Bag Jessica Simpson Megan Shopper Travel Tote

Tote bags are an even bigger weakness for me because I love big bags.  I like to carry around my planner/calendar, my phone (of course), some makeup, lots of colored pens and usually a small knitting or crochet project.   Then, naturally, my husband throws his Kindle in there!  I must have 15 or so tote bags of all different styles!  I love them!  Jessica Simpson does have a great sense of style with her tote bags!  Don’t tell my husband, but I’ve got 3-4 more in my Amazon wish list!

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