How To Have Pippa Middleton’s Butt

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Pippa Middleton joined a very exclusive club when her sister Kate married the future King Of England. Yes, Pippa gained her fame for a specific part of her body – her bum. We all see the countless articles and constant coverage of Jennifer Lopez’s behind and Kim Kardashian’s backside. Well, sigh no more dear readers! There are two ways to achieve the best backside. Would you like to know how to have Pippa Middleton’s butt?

We can do it, ladies! We can learn how to have Pippa Middleton’s butt; or even JLo’s or KK’s. How, you ask? One way is to use the excercise videos below to buff up your backside. Another way is to get some padded underwear! Yep, if you have a party too soon for the workout regimen to help you, then we have a Plan B. That is…slip on a pair of padded panties made for the specific purpose of helping you have Pippa Middleton’s butt. Let’s get ready to rumble! (or Pilates)

Featured Image: Pippa Middleton by TheMatthewSlack from Alnwick, GB – Pippa. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Pippa Wasn’t The First To Make A Round Backside Famous

Jennifer Lopez - Boutique Shops MagazineThose of us who adore JLo know that Pippa wasn’t the first to cause a big ballyhoo with her backside. In fact, Jennifer Lopez’s backside is insured!

Yes, I know Kim Karashian is said to have the best behind; I’m not convinced.  IMHO, Kim’s booty is just a little over the top.  As a woman, I think Jennifer Lopez’ posterior is proportionately perfect.

Between Jenny from the movies and Apolo from the Olympics, this old girl (that would be me) became fascinated with waging war against TWO enemies ~ weight and gravity years ago. Not that it’s done me any good so far. Oh dear!

So what do you say? Maybe we can all work together towards beautiful butts!!!

Padded Panties For Perfect Curves

Padded panties are the perfect weapon for party time perkiness. I’ve brought together a variety of styles for all of our different sizes and shapes, so we’ll be ready for those jeans or evening gowns.

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Take the war to the next level ~ Pippa’s Butt Workout

Speed Skaters Have Lovely Backsides Too

Remember that hottie Apolo Ohno from the 2006 Winter Olympics? Oh my…. If you were into the speed skating events like I was, you remember the…um, very fit backsides resulting from the extreme workouts speed skating provides. This was the reason I picked the next exercise video. The ‘skater’ exercise shown in that video has helped this old granny…uhm…get a lift. LOL That specific exercise alone is a personal favorite of mine. Give it a try, let me know what you think!

Control Panties On Amazon

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