How To Choose A Makeup Bag

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Choosing the right makeup bag can help you be more organized, especially when traveling. Whether you travel or not, you still want to be able to find your favorite eye shadow and eye liner!

Just be careful to choose a makeup bag that’s right for you to ensure proper durability, usefulness and that it suits your own style. There are hundreds of fun and fabulous makeup bags and makeup cases to choose from. Don’t worry, I can help! Let me give you some tips on how to choose a makeup bag.

Makeup Bags

The smallest makeup bags, are the zipper makeup cases that we carry in our purses or handbags. These makeup cases only hold a few simple makeup items for you to use as needed, like for touch ups. These small makeup bags can generally hold a lipstick, face powder compact and perhaps a small spray cologne. If you don’t carry any other makeup, you should certainly carry lipstick, face powder and a small bottle of fragrance.

When I was working, I kept a small makeup bag in the bottom drawer of my desk. In that cosmetic case, I kept a duplicate set of makeup, so that if necessary, I could apply makeup when I arrived at the office. There was a small jar of moisturizer, a bottle of foundation, blush, eye shadow, mascara and eye liner. I could also easily wash my face and reapply my makeup as needed.

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Medium Makeup Bags

There are some small traveling makeup cases that come with zippers or latches, too. These makeup cases are made for short trips, like weekends on the coast or a ski weekend. The smaller size of these cosmetic cases means that they can only accommodate a small number of cosmetics. Small cosmetic cases like these can accommodate a few more cosmetic essentials such as eye shadow, mascara, eye liner, extra lipstick, and foundation. You may or may not have to pack your skin care essentials in a separate bag.

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Larger cosmetic cases with hard sides intended for flying are also known as train cases.  I’ve included some medium sized makeup cases above.  These makeup cases are perfect for short trips like weekends away, where you will need all of your makeup daily. They come with lots of trays and compartments and enough room to arrange your beauty essentials like makeup brushes, etc. Some of these train cases have locks and identification tags for traveling convenience.

There are also larger makeup cases that are designed for use when traveling. These “train cases” are designed for an entire makeup collection.  If you’re going on vacation or taking a trip where you’ll be away from home for an extended period, a hard sided train case may be what you need.  You can find makeup cases for this purpose that have unique features like mirrors and removable trays. These are ideal makeup organizers when you’re away from home.  They let you pack your skin care essentials as well as your makeup and keep it all handy for you.

An extra plus about these large train cases is that you can easily store in the bathroom, cabinet or closet.  Personally, I prefer these at home myself.  They’re perfect makeup organizers.  I have several palettes of eye shadow, a variety of eye liners and pencils and lots of lipstick! I used to lose them all the time in a vanity drawer, a cabinet or a basket I kept on the vanity counter. Now, I can easily find the exact eye liner I want to use, when I want it! What a concept – all my beauty essentials in one handy cosmetic case!

TIP:  Makeup cases, like the rolling makeup cases below, are perfect for the college dorm!  Keep all your beauty needs together and organized, and still be ready to pick it all up and head home for a visit.

Rolling Cosmetic Makeup Cases

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How To Choose A Makeup Bag Or Case

So now we know the different types of makeup bags and cases; now how do we choose a makeup case? Here are some criteria for choosing the most convenient makeup bags or makeup cases for you.

  • First, decide how big a makeup bag or case you need. How much makeup do you carry with you or travel with. Consider any brushes, sponges, eye liner, eye shadow palettes, and any other beauty essentials you may want to have with you.
  • Examine the compartments. There should be enough compartments in the size you need, to help you organize your beauty essentials. Consider whether you want or need pullout trays or removable trays ~ or both!
  • Check the quality of the construction of the cosmetic case. You don’t want to have it break apart suddenly because of poor craftsmanship. Make sure it’s strong and well made. If you’re flying with that bag, it could be handled very roughly!
  • Examine whether the train case is easy to clean, inside and out, after using it. If you have a spill inside, will the spill spread easily or will the tray or compartment prevent the spill from spreading?
  • Decide whether you want or need a soft side or a hard side train case. Soft side train case materials include fabric, vinyl and canvas. A hard side train case is often made of aluminum. A factor to help you decide: when traveling, will you be checking in your case? If so, you need a hard shell case.
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