Elegant Elephant Brooches

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Majestic, triumphant elephants are beautiful and so much fun as brooches! Elephant brooches are great for elephant lovers and collectors alike.  In fact, elephant jewelry is one of the most popular types of jewelry out there.  Elephants are the largest land mammals on earth. Living in tropical areas of Asia and Africa, elephants have become symbols of great strength and intelligence. Descendants of the mastodon and the mammoth, elephants have been used for war as well as beasts of burden.  African elephants marched over the Alps with Hannibal.  With such a poignant story, it’s no wonder people love these beautiful beasts.

If you’re a fan of elephants, you’ll love the selection of sterling silver elephant brooches showcased here.   Elephant jewelry is always just so hot and sterling silver jewelry is so much fun to wear.  These elephant brooches come in a variety of styles, colors and prices, to meet every taste and budget.  This selection of sterling silver jewelry is just beautiful, don’t you think?

 Pink Elephant Trunk Up Sterling Silver Elephant Brooch Sterling Silver Brooches Elephant Sterling Silver Amber Elephant Sterling Silver Marcasite Blue Sterling Silver Marcasite Green Sterling Silver Marcasite Black Onyx Sterling Silver Marcasite Purple Sterling Silver Trumpeting Elephant Sterling Silver Baby Elephant BALTIC AMBER AND STERLING Sterling Silver Marcasite ELEPHANT

Brooches of course make wonderful jewelry pieces, but don’t forget that you can use a brooch to tie a pretty scarf or shawl. You can also use brooches on hats, as fascinators, and how about these ‘sexy ways with brooches?’ ~ I love these ideas!

eBay is a great place to find all sorts of bargains on elephant brooches and elephant jewelry of all kinds.  Here’s a quick search I did over on eBay for elephant brooches.   Why not try your hand at searching for some elephant jewelry in sterling silver?

Hope you enjoyed this pretty selection of elephant jewelry today.  I’ll be back soon with more jewelry collections for Spring!  Have YOU found the perfect Mother’s Day gift for your Mom yet?  Better take notes because we’ll be showing you the BEST ideas for Mother’s Day gifts between now and then.

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