Gorgeous Delta Burke Swimwear

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amazon-delta-burke-swimwearDelta Burke Swimwear is beautifully styled for today’s fashionable plus-size woman.  There are some fabulous swimsuit options from Delta Burke designed for us curvy girls.  I’ve rounded some up for you to see right here.  So grab some iced tea and let’s get ready for Summer!

Don’t let anything stop you from getting out and enjoying a day at the pool or the beach this summer! Delta Burke swimwear is so pretty and feminine ~ you’re going to love it!  Just take a look at some of these.  I don’t know about you, but I like pink!

Featured Image: Delta Burke Red Twist Front Swimsuit Women’s Swimsuit

[jbox color=”red”]I like it when I strut. ~Delta Burke[/jbox]

Delta Burke Tankinis

 Womens Delta Burke Plus Size Tankini Womens Plus Size Delta Burke Tankini Womens Delta Burke Plus Szie Tankini

[jbox color=”red”]Eve wasn’t a size 6 and neither am I.  ~Delta Burke[/jbox]

Beautiful Delta Burke Swimwear

 Delta Burke Plus Size Swimsuit In Delta Burke Royal Splice City High Delta Burke Plus Size Swimsuit, Swimdress Delta Burke Red Twist Front Swimsuit Delta Burke Pink Splice City One Delta Burke Skyline Tank Swimsuit Women’s

More Pretty Delta Burke Swimwear Choices

 Delta Burke Royal Twist Front Swimsuit Delta Burke Splash of Color PLUS Delta Burke Black Nautical Grommet Accent Delta Burke White Twister Swimdress Women’s Delta Burke Royal Solids Shirred Swimsuit Delta Burke 26W-34W Zig Zag Tie

[jbox color=”red”]I want to find a way to reach young women emotionally and also to start providing clothing for them so that they can wear the same things their thin friends can wear. I really want to do evening wear and prom dresses for these girls.
~Delta Burke[/jbox]

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