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Dry Skin Care

Dry Skin Care

It’s time to take dry skin care to a new level to get your skin ready for Spring.  Keeping a balance of oils and moisture to prevent and treat dry skin is the key element of dry skin care. Dryness is very common, especially in the winter and especially for women over 40. Dry, heated …

How To Choose A Makeup Bag

How To Choose A Make Up Bag

Choosing the right makeup bag can help you be more organized, especially when traveling. Whether you travel or not, you still want to be able to find your favorite eye shadow and eye liner! Just be careful to choose a makeup bag that’s right for you to ensure proper durability, usefulness and that it suits …

How To Have Pippa Middleton’s Butt

Pippa Middleton - Boutique Shops Magazine

Pippa Middleton joined a very exclusive club when her sister Kate married the future King Of England. Yes, Pippa gained her fame for a specific part of her body – her bum. We all see the countless articles and constant coverage of Jennifer Lopez’s behind and Kim Kardashian’s backside. Well, sigh no more dear readers! …