5 Reasons To Give An Amazon Kindle

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I gave my husband an Amazon Kindle reader for Christmas a few years ago. I couldn’t have made a better choice. He still loves his Kindle – never puts it down!

Every other year or so, I get him another one to keep up with the amazing features and models that keep coming out. He’s up to a Kindle Fire HD 10 now and I haven’t seen him without it since Christmas.

Fire HD 10 Tablet (10.1Fire HD 10 Tablet (10.1″ 1080p full HD display, 64 GB) – BlackFire HD 10 Tablet (10.1


If you’re looking for reasons to give an Amazon Kindle, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re both avid readers, but he even more so than I. Hey, maybe if I’m lucky, I’ll get a Kindle Fire for Christmas! Once I made up my mind to give him a Kindle reader, I thought back on my reasons for why I chose to give him a Kindle as opposed to any other tablet/e-reader.

I thought I’d share my five (biggest) reasons to give a Kindle as a gift.   If you’re shopping for a gift for Father’s Day, Christmas or a birthday, I hope these tips help you decide to give a Kindle too!

Kindle is one of Amazon’s #1 bestselling items consistently. It’s also the most-wished-for, most-gifted, and has the most 5-star reviews of any product on Amazon.

Amazon Kindle – The Best E-Reader Available

These are the Amazon Kindle e-readers available right now. Lighter than a paperback book, the batteries in these e-readers last for weeks instead of hours. My husband uses his for hours and hours, nearly every day so I can tell you the battery life is nothing short of amazing.

What’s really cool is that Kindles can hold thousands of books. I gave hubby the 64 GB one so he has plenty of growing room. You just can’t beat the value of an Amazon Kindle.

Kindle e-readers are terrific for avid and casual readers alike. You can easily take these with you everywhere you go, and unlike books, they are not heavy or bulky in any way.

Read your favorite books on your lunchtime at work, or take a Kindle e-reader with you when you travel, so you’ll never be without your favorite books!

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These Are My 5 Reasons To Give An Amazon Kindle

How I decided to gift my husband with a Kindle Reader

Like I said, my husband is an AVID reader. He can read a book in a couple days, so we have literally thousands of paperbacks and hardcovers all over the house. They’re on bookshelves. They’re on his nightstand. They’re on his desk. They’re on the kitchen table. They’re all over the place! Yikes!

But he also likes taking a book with him where ever he goes to read while he waits.  How could I *not* give him a Kindle?  It’s perfect!

  • Battery Life – Kindle has an incredible battery life (without the wireless on). That’s just amazing to me how the battery could last longer than the battery in my Asus tablet or the battery in my Dell laptop, even. Even with the wireless on, the battery life is still about 10 days, more or less.  It’s been true to that too. Only the occasional charge and off he goes to read the latest sci-fi fantasy release.
  • Light Weight – Kindle only weighs 8.7 ounces, depending on which Kindle you choose. That’s less than my tablet!  That means you can literally take your Kindle just about anywhere and you can hold it without your hands getting tired.   I carry big purses, so I always carry my husband’s stuff along with my own. My tablet may have to stay home & maybe I’ll get my own Kindle.
  • Sharp text, images and NO GLARE – this makes it almost easier to read on your Kindle than from a book or magazine.  Some books have such *tiny* print on shiny paper, you can’t stand to read them for more than 15-30 minutes before your eyes get tired. Forget reading a magazine outside or under bright lights, the glare renders it unreadable. Kindle blows that all away with their E-Ink technology & a screen that reads like paper!  You can read books with your Kindle for sure, but you can also read blogs, magazines and newspapers.  Way cool.
  • Variety – Kindle is like carrying the world’s largest library around with you. Not to mention, books are less expensive on Kindle than in bookstores! Thousands of books, magazines, newspapers and blogs…right there at your fingertips. That just knocked me over!  Now Amazon offers a lending library too.
  • Capacity – Kindle can store up to 3,500 books, and I understand that’s double what it was on a previous model. That’s amazing! My husband and I probably have about that many paperback & hardback books between us.   Imagine getting to the beach and THEN picking out a book…and changing your mind to another book, instead of taking forever to pick out a book BEFORE you leave the house.

Grab A Couple of Great Kindle Books

Be sure to pick up at least a couple of Kindle books for your gift recipient.  They’ll be anxious to try out their new Kindle reader, and it would be thoughtful to include something they can read right away.  If they have a favorite author or genre, you can easily buy the book and download it right to their new Amazon tablet.  That’s what I did for my husband.  He started reading immediately!

Cool Kindle Cases on eBay

Lest I forget, eBay has some incredible bargains on Kindles too.  At these prices, you may be able to get a Kindle for every family member!

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  • A Kindle is a great gift idea. I have both the reader and a Fire tablet – I have a preference for the reader, for the reasons you listed above (carry loads of books with me, great e-ink display, battery life etc.) – but the tablets are great also.

    I recently got my wife a Fire HD for her birthday. She is an absolute technophobe and used to hate doing her e-mail or using a computer. However, she loves her Fire HD – it’s so user friendly. One tap and she’s into her e-mail, no waiting for Windows, handling error messages etc. She’s now doing things online that she would never have dreamed of before.

    I’m sure that your hubby would be delighted if you were to get him a Fire for his Christmas.

  • Our grandchildren gave me my little Kindle about 3 years ago, and I have used it almost daily since that time. I enjoy knowing that wherever I go, I can carry my entire library with me.

  • My husband is more of a news junky and seldom reads books for pleasure. Since he got his Kindle, he’s reading a lot more, mostly biographies of historical figures. He sets aside a half hour or so to read on the patio each afternoon before dinner.

    I’m so glad that having a Kindle has lured him into reading.

  • I love the kindles. All of them! Hours of entertainment and I recommend you get the
    prime from amazon. So much fun!

  • I’ve never tried a Kindle. I keep thinking about getting one, but just haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

    I did read Inferno by Dan Brown that you have featured above. Good book. I love this stuff.

  • My friend gave me her Kindle Fire when she got an iPad. At first I wasn’t sure what to do with it. But now, I don’t leave home without it. I love that I can do just about everything that hubby can on his iPad. Everyday I find new and interesting things that I can do with it. I love it. I thought I wanted an iPad, but not any more. I am completely satisfied with the Kindle Fire. Great Page! Thanks for sharing the info.

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